Glam Jam

Erase Winter Skin. Get Spring Vacation Ready!

March 5th, 2018

 This is the time of year where it’s so dry, your skin starts to get itchy. Thankfully Simonson’s Salon and Spa is now offering a service that will hydrate, polish and even out the tone of your skin. It’s called Luxe Body Revive and the treatment exfoliates and detoxifies every inch of skin. In […]

Improve Your Overall Health and Appearance

February 1st, 2017

So you’ve cut out sugar, you’ve been hittin’ the gym, you’re staying on track with your resolutions, but maybe you need a little pick me up. Would you ever guess that pick me up could come in form of plastic wrap? Twin Cities Live Reporter, Kelli Hanson, discovers our Body Contour Purifying Wrap and how […]

The Solution to Breast Discomfort: Mammagard

July 22nd, 2015

Do you avoid lying on your stomach due to breast discomfort, especially during your massage? The longstanding complaint of ‘squashed breasts’ is something our technicians understand on a daily basis. Breasts are, to varying degrees, pressure intolerant structures that require protection in prone/face down positions. We found a solution for you…Mammagard! Mammagard is a breast […]

Take Our Stress Test – 5 Signs It’s Bad

February 23rd, 2015

We are a very stressed out nation. As a matter of fact, it’s peaked at an epidemic level. We’re so stressed out that we often don’t even recognize the signs of stress other than an overloaded to-do list or schedule. But researchers suggest that managing our stress may be our #1 health concern leading to […]

I got a massage, but the pressure didn’t feel deep enough. Why?

February 2nd, 2015

  Massage pressure is one of the most important aspects of a massage. The amount of tension and/or tightness your muscle tissue is holding plays a key role in how much pressure a massage therapist is able to apply. The tighter the tissue, the more challenging it is to work deep into the muscle and […]

Wellness for the Mommy To-Be

May 8th, 2014

No two pregnancies are alike, yet many expectant mothers face  a wide range of similar physical and emotional challenges  as well as having questions about what beauty regimens and services are or are not safe during pregnancy. We are here to shed some light on a few of these questions. Q: What salon/spa therapies are […]

Q: Can pregnant women receive massages and is it safe?

December 21st, 2011

A: Yes, expectant mothers can safely receive massages AFTER the first trimester. During the first 12 weeks of gestation, the embryo is attaching to the uteran wall and experiencing the greatest changes. It’s highly advisable to wait until you enter the first week of the second trimester before receiving any form of massage therapy. One […]

Q: What causes muscle pain and soreness during and after a massage?

October 12th, 2011

A: With many of our lifestyles comes stress, tension and repetitive motion. Right now, you’re using your mouse and probably have been clicking away all day (if not at work, then you may have been on Facebook, looking at your friends’ pictures from the weekend). Tension, stress, overuse, repetitive motion or a lack there of, […]

Q: I know massage has great benefits. But really how often should I get a massage?

September 14th, 2011

A: You’re right, massage offers tremendous benefits when used properly. The length of time between visits varies from person to person depending on your body’s needs. For example, if you want massage to alleviate any pain or symptoms of an injury, to aid in the healing process, you initially might need to have a massage […]

Q: I’ve been under a lot of stress lately and am in dire need of a massage! How do I pick which massage service is the best for me?

June 3rd, 2011

A: Times are stressful right now. We hear ya and we’re here for you! First off, all massages are excellent for relieving stress. Ask yourself what you are looking for and what results you want to see. A brief consultation will allow your massage therapist to understand your concerns and make a plan that will […]