Spa Facial Treatments

Buy 5, Get 1 Free with series purchase (based on level II pricing)

Express Facial

from  $65  (50 min) 

series of 6


Essential Facial*

from  $95  (80 min) 

series of 6


Ultimate Facial*

from  $130  (110 min) 

series of 6


XY Face Detail

from  $40  (30min) 

Facial treatment specifically formulated for male needs

*includes hand and arm massage

Micro-Current Face Lift

This non-surgical micro-current face lift treatment lifts and reeducates muscle and skin tissue. See separate leaflet.

Face Lifting Treatment

  $100  (1 hour) 

with a facial, hydrafacial, microdermabrasion or microneedling

  $75  (save $25) 

series of 3

  $250  (save $50) 

Eye Lifting Treatment

  $50  (30 min) 

Corrective Skin Care Treatments

Express Clean

from  $65  (50 min) 

series of 6


Acne Treatment

from  $105  (80 min) 

B'acne Treatment (back)

from  $85  (50 min) 

HydraFacial MD Treatment

State-of-the-art resurfacing procedure which thoroughly cares for your skin, providing cleansing, exfoliation, extractions, and hydration. Available at ALL Simonson's locations.

HydraFacial MD Treatment

  $159  (1 hour) 

series of 3

  $397.50  (save $79.50) 

series of 6

  $795  (save $159) 

Microdermabrasion / Progressive Peels

Now you can gently turn back the hands of time with a variety of 'non-surgical' treatments - giving you dramatic results with little to no risk or down time. Professionally administered, FDA approved procedures that reduce fine lines and wrinkles, relieve sun damaged and pigmented skin, and diminish acne conditions.

Please review the Microdermabrasion & Progressive Skin Peels Information Folio before scheduling your appointment.


  $100  (1 hour) 

with a facial


series of 6

  $540  (save $60) 

Advanced Microdermabrasion

  $150  (1 hour) 

Light Skin Peels

  $50  (30 min) 

with a facial


series of 3

  $125  (save $25) 

series of 6

  $250  (save $50) 

Intermediate Skin Peels

  $75  (30 min) 

with a facial


series of 3

  $181.50  (save $37.80) 

series of 6

  $375  (save $75) 

Mini-Baby Boomer Peel

  $150  (1 hour) 

Baby Boomer Peel

  $195  (1 hour) 

SkinPen Microneedling

Microneedling stimulates your skin’s natural ability to produce new collagen and elastin. It’s the fastest growing, most effective and advanced skin rejuvenation therapy on the market today. Remarkably effective in the treatment of: Scars, Large Pores, Sun- Damage, Wrinkles, Lax Skin and Uneven Skin Tone. It can be used safely on all skin types. There’s little to no downtime. FDA cleared. See www.bellusmedical.com/products/skinpen for details.

Microneedling Décolleté

  $325  (1 hour) 

Microneedling Face AND Neck

  $325  (1 hour) 

series of 3

  $812.50  (save $162.50) 

series of 6

  $1,625  (save $325) 
(series may be redeemed for either microneedling option)

LED Light Therapy

Light-emitting diodes (LED) in different wavelength colors have been proven to treat many skin-related issues such as acne, wound healing and collagen stimulation. LED Light Therapy carries no UV exposure risks. Multiple treatments are required for best results.

Blue Light Therapy or GentleWaves (red) Photo Modulation



  $100  (15-30) 

with a facial, microdermabrasion or microneedling

  $50  (save $50) 

series of 8

  $698  (save $102) 


Masterful artists apply the perfect makeup for career, special occasions and post-op camouflage. Please arrive with a clean face.

Cosmetic Application

from  $45  (45 min) 

"Lashe" Eyelash Extensions

Full Set

  $175  (2 hours) 


  $75  (1 hour) 

Flair Accent

  $75  (1 hour) 


  $50  (30 min) 

Eyelash and Brow Tinting

Lash Tint

from  $25  (30 min) 

Brow Tint

  $25  (30 min) 

Arrive 15 minutes before your first eyelash extension appointment to allow adequate time to complete your questionnaire.

You must arrive to your appointment without make-up.

with hair color enhancement or spa facial treatment


Lash & Brow Tint

from  $40  (30 min) 

Series purchases are non-refundable, non-transferable and expire one year from date of purchase.

Prices and services subject to change.

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