Achieve as much volume as possible


Big hair is always in style. It’s also the one style that seems to be the most challenging for all of us. With the following tips, you’ll be able to take your hair from flat to full to even fuller if you’d like.

1)     Use a volumizing shampoo and conditioner

  1. UNITE Volumizing

2)     Before you blow dry your hair, use a root lifter, blow style cream, or volumizing cream or spray

  2. GHD Fat Hair Lotion
  3. UNITE Expanda Volume
  4. AG BigWigg Root Volumizer
  5. LOGICS Blow Sculpt blow style cream

3)     You can’t build body by using only product – you must blow dry. While blow drying, brush hair upwards away from your scalp with a round brush. Make sure you blow dry until your hair is 100% dry.

4)     After your hair is dry, backcomb at the roots. But don’t be too rough – a few strokes is plenty.

5)     You could also use velcro rollers after your hair is dry. Heat up velcro rollers with your blow dryer. Roll them in. Then spray with a little hair spray. Leave them in for 10-15 minutes.

6)     As always, your final touch should be hairspray. You may even choose a volume spray such as KENRA Volume Spray.

Expertise Contributors:

-Susie K., Anoka Stylist & Service Manager

-Kay R., Anoka Stylist

-Amanda A., Anoka Stylist

-Kristin B., Anoka Stylist

-Kelley S., Anoka Stylist

-Jennifer F., Anoka Stylist