Are smoothing treatments actually safe and effective?


Have you ever heard or read about exotic hair smoothing blowouts and wondered if they’re safe? While there is a lot of misinformation, there are a few brands out there that warrant concern and have been pulled out of the industry because of their harmful chemical makeup and dangerous side effects. Some chemicals are so harmful that the stylist and client must wear masks during the service procedure. Exposure to such chemicals, like formaldehyde, can have extreme negative affects on your health.

Simonson’s uses Keratin Complex by Coppola. You’ll get gorgeous results without the harmful chemicals found in other straightening treatments. Keratin Complex by Coppola has been proven to be safe, as stated in a letter received directly from Coppola (see link to the letter below). Keratin Complex contains proteins that help to promote strong healthy hair and results similar to a very powerful conditioning treatment providing beautiful long lasting results. We have had an incredible success rate in the salon with this service.

Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy has been life-changing for many who have received the service. Their hair is not only smoother, stronger and healthier but is also magazine cover worthy; soft, shiny, bouncy, easier to manage and holds color better. It softens and smoothes your hair without the lifeless effect that you may have experienced with other products and straightening techniques.

Results will vary depending on the amount of curl you currently have. You can experience the Keratin-like effects with these three different degrees of smoothing therapies:

  1. Smoothing Treatment; performed with Infusion, a “2-day Keratin” conditioning treatment
  2. Keratin Express Blowout; lasts 4-6 weeks
  3. Smoothing Therapy; lasts up to 5 months

The best way to learn about Keratin and get your questions answered is to schedule a consultation. At Simonson’s, select stylists have gone through professional training and are certified to conduct the service. Many stylists have had the treatment themselves and would be happy to share their personal experience with you so you get the results you want.

 Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy Is Safe (PDF) 

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