Are you suffering from static, dry or lifeless hair?


Is your hair a bit dry and blah this time of year? Of course it is. Hair becomes drier in the cold, dry air and lacks the natural body that it normally has in the other seasons, resulting in frizz/curl. Every winter we deal with static and dryness because of the lack of moisture in the air.

The best way to promote bouncy, shiny hair is to schedule a Malibu treatment to rid your hair of any buildup and follow with a deep treatment such as the Keratin Rx or Infusion. The technician will choose the appropriate treatment. FYI doing these as regular treatments ensures your hair will style easily and beautifully regardless of the season.

If you are cash strapped, stretch your beauty dollars and do an almost identical at-home treatment. All you need is a hairdryer, plastic bag, Malibu Packets and the Keratin treatment that is right for you. Pop into any one of our four locations for a recommendation.

Expertise Contributor:
Marilyn Aase, Education and Sales Director & Stylist at Anoka