Benefits of glominerals cosmetics


glominerals™ cosmetics is a superior quality exclusive mineral makeup line that provides essential skin care benefits. glominerals™ is a skin nurturing makeup created from triple-milled highly pigmented minerals and an advanced antioxidant complex of Vitamins A, C, and E and green tea extract. Antioxidant benefits and factor 18 plus UVA and UVB sun protection combined with triple-milled minerals help to conceal imperfections and improve skin condition, delivering benefits you can feel and see.

glominerals™ pure formulas and high quality ingredients make it ideal for all skin types including sensitive, acne and rosacea, says Christine Turner, Aesthetician and Advanced Aesthetics Educator for Simonson’s. The cosmetics also offer a broad spectrum of timeless color favorites to remarkably vibrant hues to complement every skin tone and color preference. “The undiluted pigments in glominerals™ provide true shades of color, maximum coverage with less application, and longer lasting products,” says Turner.

Unlike other mineral and traditional cosmetic brands, glominerals™ is produced from pharmaceutical-grade ingredients and talc-free, non-comedogenic and perfume-free formulas. Talc is a metamorphic mineral used in a lot of traditional cosmetics as a filler or bulking agent. Because you receive less true pigment coverage from products containing talc, you have to use a lot more to get minimum coverage. Talc is also a heavier particle that settles into both fine lines and wrinkles, enhancing imperfections we all want to minimize, says Turner.

“Talc clogs pores and suffocates the skin,” says January Brandt, Aesthetician and Aesthetics Educator for Simonson’s. “Talc-free glominerals makeup lays on the surface of the skin to conceal imperfections and allow skin to breathe and function as though you are wearing nothing at all.”

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New to Simonson’s Salon & Spa glominerals™ cosmetic line this January (2011) is gloRedness Relief Powder and gloPerfecting Powder. Both powders keep you looking your best and naturally radiant!

Expertise Contributors:

– Christine Turner, Aesthetician for Maple Grove & Anoka Locations and Advanced Aesthetics Educator

– January Brandt, Aesthetician at the Anoka Location and Aesthetics Educator