Benefits of massage during pregnancy


After the first trimester, massage will ease the muscles that are cramping up. The complaints we hear most often from expecting mothers are lower back pain, hip pain, sore neck and shoulders, and swollen legs. Massage can reduce all of these pains and also offer a sense of calm to the expectant mother.

All of the usual massage benefits exist as well, including improved sleep, lowering of the heart rate and blood pressure, and increased circulation. Massage also reduces swelling in the ankles and feet of pregnant women and provides mom the opportunity to lie on her stomach with the assistance of massage pillows.

Other benefits include providing relaxation and reducing stress levels so the mother is functioning at low stress levels, which is ideal for the baby. The primary benefit to the baby is that massage helps deliver important nutrients.

Generally speaking, massage is a wonderful thing to do for both mom and baby!

Expertise Contributors:

-Jodi, Massage Educator & Anoka Massage Therapist

-Katelyn, Anoka Massage Therapist

-Rita, Plymouth Massage Therapist

-Jen, Plymouth Massage Therapist

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