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How-To: Acne and Blemish Cover-Up

Aging has a bad rap but we think growing older has some special benefits like wisdom, grace, and experience (just to name a few). However, we do understand that the skin issues associated with aging can be frustrating. While wrinkles and age spots are the most common issues associate with maturing skin, blemishes and acne… Read more »

Wellness for the Mommy To-Be

No two pregnancies are alike, yet many expectant mothers face  a wide range of similar physical and emotional challenges  as well as having questions about what beauty regimens and services are or are not safe during pregnancy. We are here to shed some light on a few of these questions. Q: What salon/spa therapies are… Read more »

How-To: Romantic Date Night Look

Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to play with your eye makeup and create a gorgeous, sultry look. This stunning look below is perfect for a romantic Valentine’s Day date with your significant other. Recreate the look in six easy steps! Step 1) Apply Precision Eye Pencil in twilight to upper lashline and blench into… Read more »