Change or enhance hair color without too much maintenance


Our hair is so high maintenance. Why do we sacrifice so much time (and money) to maintain it? Because our hair is a reflection of who we are and how we feel. Ever notice that a bad hair day can have a negative impact on the rest of your day? What you must first realize is that you are in control of your attitude and you choose to let things affect (or not affect) your day. Wait…it gets better. You’re also in control of your hair.

To help you manage your hair maintenance more effortlessly, you may want to try the following low-maintenance hair coloring suggestions:

1)     Toning – very sheer color to enhance natural color and shine

2)     Color Exclamation – accent highlights or lowlights

3)     The more dimension, the more maintenance. Keep highlights or lowlights within 2 shades of natural color to avoid too much dimension.

4)     Demi-Permanent Color – ammonia-free color deposits that don’t alter the hair’s natural pigment. Demi-permanent color adds to the color already found in the hair, while permanent color replaces hair color.

5)     If low-maintenance dimension is what you’re looking for, some peek-a-boo highlights or lowlights work wonders because they are not placed on your part or near your hairline. Instead, they are inside and underneath and show when you move or curl your hair. They require little maintenance because you’re not seeing your roots grow out.

I’m not suggesting you’ll never have bad hair days, but you shouldn’t let it affect your day if you do. After all, we all have hair binders, clips, and hats for a reason. And as long as you keep smiling, no one else will know that you think you’re having a bad hair day. Your smile is your hair’s best complement.

Expertise Contributors:

-Amanda A., Anoka Stylist

-Kelley S., Anoka Stylist

-Jennifer F., Anoka Stylist

-Katelyn, Anoka Stylist

-Lisa H., Maple Grove Stylist