Eye Spy | Beauty Tips for Mask Wearers

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With wearing masks, the eyes are becoming the sole way we can express ourselves. From lashes and brows, to making sure your makeup is on point – show your eyes some love, with our Eye Spy finds!



Want to brighten and reduce wrinkles in one go? RHONDA ALLISON EYE LIFT is a fast absorbing peptide complex that instantly firms for a light lift to your eyes. It also brightens your skin tones, reduces wrinkles, smooths your skin and enhances hydration!


Looking to make your eyes appear brighter, whiter and really pop? REVITALASH DOUBLE-ENDED VOLUME MASCARA & PRIMER provides color-intense conditioning for dramatic length and volume of your lashes. The rich indigo blue pigments in the primer helps to brighten and enhance the white of your eyes.
SIMONSON’S SAYS: After you have used the primer and mascara and it is completely dry, apply a light sweep of the primer to the ends of your lashes to visually whiten your eyes.


To lift and firm your muscle and skin around your eyes, a MICROCURRENT EYE LIFT is the service for you! This non-surgical treatment uses microcurrents on the surface of your skin to stimulate your tissue on a cellular and muscular level, enhance blood circulation, improves skin’s nutrition, and re-educates your contracted muscles (wrinkles) and relaxed muscles (slackened tissue) to “lift” and resume their normal size.
SIMONSON’S SAYS: The best results are seen when receiving this service in a series (plus save $50!). For added benefits, add this service as a companion to another facial for instant gratification!


If you desire longer, healthier lashes – REVITALASH is for you! This award-winning eyelash serum conditions and strengthens your lashes to enhance the curl and length of your lashes.


Lift and define your natural lashes with a LASH LIFT, a low-maintenance lash curling service that can last up to eight weeks.

Enhance your Lash Lift with a LASH LIFT & TINT, that darkens your natural lashes to visibly enhance for even more definition and lift!

Reduce makeup time and wake up with gorgeous lashes with LASH EXTENSIONS! Add length, curl and volume with our soft, lightweight and flexible synthetic fiber lashes that attach to your natural lashes.


From chemical and environmental stressors, over-plucking, thinning or just visible signs of aging – our eyebrows see just as many pains as our skin and hair. REVITABROW EYEBROW CONDITIONER & SERUM is a simple to use serum that leaves you with healthier, bolder, more luxurious and fuller-looking brows!


Instantly sculpt, control and shape your eyebrows with this multi-tasking REVITABROW HI-DEF BROW GEL. The precision styling brush and conditioning brow gel formula, fortifies and enhances your brows!

SIMONSON’S SAYS: Pickup GLO SKIN BEAUTY’S PRECISE MICRO BROW LINER that excels at mimicking the detail of fine, hair-like strokes. Lastly, use GLO SKIN BEAUTY’S BROW POWDER DUO to softly and naturally fill in your brows for the perfect finish!

For all your ‘Eye Spy’ focused needs, talk to your Aesthetician for customized care regimens.