Hair Bling!

Oh yes, we went there! Our Hair Trend Team knew you would want us to! We are on board the Hair Bling phenomena! Being Simonson’s, we took it to a whole other higher level, “If there’s a better way, we’ll strive to find it!” Of course, we have Hair Tinsel. Ours are available in short and long lengths.

We have many Hair Bling colors to choose from. Not to mention, Hair Crystals that flat iron in where you like them. Imagine prom or your wedding day with jewels sparkling in the updo we have created for you!

The coup de grace is of course Feather Hair Extensions! Do you know you can wash, condition, dry, and flat iron (yes, it’s true) these delicacies? We have feathers available in warm, cool, and trend color palettes.

Yes you can and yes we did!! Stop in and see for yourself, from age six to sixty, a little Hair Bling therapy from our Trend Team is just what you need!

3S Celebrity Blogger:

Diane C. – Buyer & Merchandiser