Technician Levels Defined

Technician*  New Talent (NT)
 Junior (J)
 Senior (S)
 Master (M)
 Stylist  Level 1 & 2  Level 3-5  Level 6-8  Master (M)
 Aesthetician  New Talent (NT)
 Junior (J)
 Senior (S)
 Master (M)
 Massage Therapist  New Talent (NT)  Junior (J)  Senior (S)  Master (M)
 Nail Technician  New Talent (NT)  Junior (J)  Senior (S)  Master (M)

*Stylist, Aesthetician, Massage Therapist and Nail Technician

A technician will remain a ‘New Talent’ Technician until they have are certified on all required services in addition to achieving performance goals for that level.

New Talent

Licensed technicians with up to three (3) years of experience in the salon and spa profession. 

New Talent technicians are consistently developing their craft by means of Simonson’s rigorous laddered education curriculum that advances their expertise through formal training, practical experience and internal mentorship by Senior and Master technicians.  New Talent technicians are certified and qualified to competently execute every service they perform.

When scheduling a service with a New Talent technician, you can expect world-class customer service and quality technical work.  Please be mindful that service expediency, craft expertise and refinement are still evolving and service times may be lengthier than their seasoned colleagues.  Find available New Talent offers on our 'Don't Miss' page HERE


Junior technicians have three (3) or more years of experience and have met all the training and development prerequisites for continued advancement at Simonson’s. Their growing expertise is thriving as a result of ongoing salon and spa experience and advanced training – both of which are complemented by their individual passion and creativity.


Senior technicians have considerable tenure in the salon and spa profession.  They’re highly experienced individuals with a unique set of proficiencies in any number of recognized areas of specialization.  As leaders in their craft, they expand their own interpretation of the newest techniques and trends and often impart their journey’s discoveries in an educational capacity.


Master technicians are artisans in their own right.  They possess vast knowledge and experience in a broad spectrum of services, products and modalities. These stellar performers have earned their master level by staying abreast of nearly every industry innovation, incorporating them into their daily work and providing mentorship to colleagues.  Master technicians are universally acknowledged for their truly outstanding commitment, dedication and distinction in the salon and spa profession.