Take Our Stress Test – 5 Signs It’s Bad


We are a very stressed out nation. As a matter of fact, it’s peaked at an epidemic level. We’re so stressed out that we often don’t even recognize the signs of stress other than an overloaded to-do list or schedule. But researchers suggest that managing our stress may be our #1 health concern leading to all sorts of chronic issues and eventually disease.

It appears that high stress levels can damage everything from our immune systems to our relationships. But if you’re not aware that you’re stressed what are you going to do to manage it? Here are some of the hidden signs of stress, when you thought the cause may have been something else…

1. Tight jaw. This one isn’t such a hidden sign as a tight jaw is pretty easy to spot. But if you’re waking up with a tight jaw, you might be clenching or grinding your teeth at night. QUICK FIX: If this is you, you’ll want to schedule a visit to the dentist to get a night guard.

2. Inability to sleep. Worry can keep us up at night, or it can cause fitful sleep cycles. If you’re exhausted, you’re less able to manage stress during the day. QUICK FIX: Researchers recently demonstrated in the Journal of Physiology that an afternoon workout session may help balance out your wake/sleep cycles, enabling you sleep more soundly and fall asleep more quickly.

3. Changes in your period. Any change in your period, can be caused by stress. The absence of your period is a big sign that you’re not taking care of yourself, but also an increase in cramping and pain can be a sign, too. QUICK FIX: Try a few restorative yoga poses to help decrease physical tension in your body. WATER!

4. Acne. Yep, it’s not just for adolescents. You will notice like clock work, when you are stressed, you start getting breakouts. Lots of times cyst-like formations, that you should NEVER try to pop or play with, will rear their ugly heads. They just need to go down on their own , it’ll happen when your stress goes down. Try Renee Rouleau’s Anti-Cyst treatment and keep yur hands off your face.

5. Your breathing actually becomes shallow when you are stressed, so pay attention to your breathing. Try a Pranayama Breathing class!

The best way to de-stress, pay attention to when you are stressing and why and develop coping mechanisms to cut it off at its nasty pass!

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