How do I tame these unruly eyebrows?


Your eyebrows are the simplest accessory to keep you looking your best. Because your eyebrows frame your eyes, maintaining them is important. Make maintaining your eyebrows a part of your beauty routine by scheduling an eyebrow design. A trained technician can whip them into shape in no time AND trim them to keep them from having a bushy appearance.

Don’t have time to schedule a eyebrow design before a big night out? Tweeze, but don’t attempt to trim! Use a sharp tweezers, in plenty of light, with a magnifying mirror. First, clean off all eye make-up. Be careful not to overtweeze by taking a step back every so often to examine the shape of your eyebrows. Start by eliminating the obvious hairs on the brow bone, then work your way towards the brow, one hair at a time. Remember: stop, step back and observe the shape before you keep going.

It is easy to do too much tweezing. If this happens, you can easily shadow or use an eyebrow pencil to fill in color in that area. gloMinerals has a perfect “brow kit” in several shades of brown for customization. Finally, to give brows the most polished appearance, use a clear mascara or clear brow gel to keep them in place.