How to cure dry cuticles this winter season


The dry winter can wreak havoc on our nails because there is little moisture in the air, which naturally depletes the moisture balance in your nails and skin, resulting in dry cuticles. Having regular manicures is the best way to keep your cuticles looking good. If they are not maintained daily, you may experience painful cracks, hangnails or fissures.

We recommend Solar Oil to help moisturize your cuticles. Solar Oil also comes in a crème form for easy on-the-go application. Apply and rub cuticle oil on your cuticles a couple times each day. Use it especially before going to bed for guaranteed moisture. You will notice a huge improvement in the skin around your nails.

In addition, cuticle oil can be used on dry elbows, knees and even on your feet – they suffer too and need some TLC. After tending to those dry cuticles, try a new OPI color to really make your nails stand out this winter! For those of you looking for fresh colors, a new OPI Spring collection is arriving in stores February 2011.