How-To Look 10 Years Younger: Segment #3

TCL Makeover 3

We teamed up with a local television show, Twin Cities Live, to help three winners look 10 Years Younger! Doris was lucky winner #3! She is from Bloomington describes herself as happy soul.  Although she is the oldest gal amongst her co-workers at 51, she feels like 15 inside, even when she’s wearing her “crazy” reading glasses. She has been married to the love of her life for nearly 3 years, whom she met in high school. Although Doris has overcome a recent cancer scare, this obstacle made her feel as though her age was creeping up on her young spirit. On her mission to live life to the fullest, she wants to look as young and happy as she feels!

Our seasoned Maple Grove technicians, Lisa H. (Stylist) and Jessica (Aesthetician), were able to do just that. These talented technicians performed a remarkable transformation from head to toe! Watch to see Doris’s astounding transformation and schedule YOUR makeover today at!

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