How-To Look 10 Years Younger: Segment #2

TCL Makeover2

We teamed up with a local television show, Twin Cities Live, to help three winners look 10 Years Younger! Tracy from Champlin is 47 years old and believes that a spa day makeover will not only boost her confidence, but also help relieve the stresses of life. Her sweet submission poem (see below) captured our hearts and we knew she was meant to be the of winner of Make Me Look 10 Years Younger Makeover #2!  Our Coon Rapids team members, Brandi (Aesthetician) and Susie (Stylist), had the opportunity to take on this transformation and the outcome was nothing less of impressive. Watch to find out how they gave Tracy the experience of perpetual renewal and boosted her confidence!

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Tracy’s Submission Poem:

Me without makeup-took courage to send
in-purely with the hope that a younger look, I will win!

As a teen I thought it was fun,
to spend my days out in the sun,
many years later the damage is done…
age spots keep popping up, I count them one by one by one…

The wrinkles are more evident every day,
and what’s that? Do I spy a hair that is gray?!

A day getting pampered at Simonson’s Salon and Spa.
A facelift, hair color enhancement, a facial….ahhhh
Thanks to Simonson’s and Twin Cities Live
Instead of 47 I might look 35!

I give you free reign
To make me look young again!

Age is only a number but wouldn’t it be great
To spend a day in a relaxed state
The sounds, the scent, the state of Zen
And when I am done, from my age subtract ten.

My husband tells me I am beautiful
Each and every day.
However, I have a hard time believing the words I hear him say.

I want to look younger simply for me.
So I can feel better about myself.
So when I look in the mirror I see
The way my husband sees me.