How to style perfectly placed bangs


As is true with most things, there is more than one way to achieve perfectly side swept bangs. Our expert stylists have put together a few different options for you. One way may work for one person and not for another. Try a few to find your way…

1)     Slightly curl the ends under with a flat iron or curling iron and back comb at the root

2)     Use a round brush to style and sweep them upwards and over to the side

3)     When hair is wet, blow dry straight down (not to one side or another), then blow over to the side

4)     Backcomb and use hairspray

5)     Use a bobby pin at night to place bangs in the direction you want them to lay

6)     Start drying your bangs first. With a paddle brush, brush them to the opposite side that you want them to lay. After about 5-10 seconds switch and brush them to the other side. Depending on your hairline, you may even try brushing them back for a few seconds. Continue to dry your bangs back and forth until they are dry. Finish with a little Graham Webb Energy Lock hairspray or UNITE Wicked Wax


Expertise Contributors:

-Lisa H., Maple Grove Stylist

-Kelley S., Anoka Stylist

-Kay R., Anoka Stylist

-Kristin B., Anoka Stylist

-Jennifer F., Anoka Stylist

-Kaci M., Anoka Stylist

-Katelyn, Anoka Stylist