Is Brazilian waxing painful?

Oh how we wish we could say no, Brazilian waxing is not painful. We just can’t say that for sure. You will likely experience discomfort but it varies from person to person depending on their pain threshold. The level of discomfort you experience with a Brazilian wax is equal to that of a bikini wax, but it’s simply over a larger area.

The first time is the most sensitive, but if you do monthly maintenance it gets much less painful since you will have less hair as time goes on. You’ll also want to avoid waxing during and near your menstrual cycle when that area is more sensitive.

Another tip for making the experience as painless as possible is to simply relax. When you’re stressed your adrenaline is high and your pain tolerance lowers. Talking to your Aesthetician will help keep your mind at ease.

You must also take into consideration that Brazilian waxing is far less painful than the itchy feeling that results from shaving. Twenty minutes of discomfort each month is worth a month without shaving!

Expertise Contributors:
-Jenna C., Anoka Aesthetician
-Cindy S., Plymouth Aesthetician
-Christine T., Advanced Aesthetics Educator & Aesthetician at Elk River & Maple Grove