Make dark under eye circles disappear


Dark circles develop largely due to blood pooling in the tiny capillaries under the eyes; the iron creates the purplish tint. Use an effective eye cream like HydroPeptide Eye Cream and add an under eye concealer to your makeup regimen. HydroPeptide Eye Cream contains vitamin K to strengthen capillary walls, stimulating ingredients to get the blood circulating, peptides that break down iron oxides that cause under eye darkness, and crushed pearl to lighten the eye area. You may also want to forego under eye liner and mascara on the lower lashes.

Simonson’s MicroCurrent eye treatments will also treat this condition. Using both the products and service recommended will give you the best results.

Expertise Contributors:

-Cindy S., Plymouth Aesthetician

-Jenna C., Anoka Aesthetician

-Christine T., Advanced Aesthetics Educator & Aesthetician in Elk River & Maple Grove.