Partial vs. Full Foil

Many people wonder what the differences are between a partial foil and a full foil. You’ll be able to use the following descriptions to decide which type of foil is best for you!

Partial Foil
A partial foil service uses about 20 foils or fewer to foil the crown, roots and side hairline. It’s important to note that a partial foil service does not mean foils will be placed around the entire head – just the top.

Full Foil
A full foil service consists of placing between 45 and 100 foils around the entire head, depending on the guest’s hair and color goal. A full foil includes foiling underneath your hair. So, if you pull your hair up in a ponytail or similar fashion, you’ll always want to have a full foil.


  • If your goal is to go from darker hair to almost completely blonde, you’ll need a full foil. You may even need more than one full foil service depending on your current hair color and desired color goal.
  • If you routinely have a full foil service but want to save some money, you can stretch out your full foil appointments by doing a base break in between them. A base break costs less than a foil and involves coloring the outgrown roots with a toner instead of bleach foils.

Expertise Contributors:
-Susie K., Anoka Stylist & Service Manager
-Kaci M., Anoka Stylist
-Kay R., Anoka Stylist
-Kristin B., Anoka Stylist