Chief Operating Officer

Success is in the details.

Attention to detail, Carrie Johnson will tell you, is what has established Simonson’s as the premier day spa experience of salons in the Twin Cities, emphasizing, “We truly care about each and every guest that comes to Simonson’s.” As Chief Operating Officer, she is responsible for information technology, standard operating policy and accounting oversight. Working with founder and CEO, Kylee Simonson, Carrie strives to create an environment where technique and technology are always improving and where an impeccable industry-wide reputation is the natural outgrowth of the company-wide passion for excellence.

Carrie is a graduate of the University of Minnesota Duluth with a bachelor’s degree in Biology. Her studies included chemistry and psychology with an eye toward a career in veterinary medicine, but while working in an animal hospital, she found that her interests leaned more toward business. In 2001, she found Simonson’s and began as an executive assistant. It was no surprise she absorbed virtually every aspect of the business, proving herself capable of progressively increased responsibility and finding an unexpected excitement for the service industry.

Always looking for a way to make the process and the experience better, Carrie welcomes new challenges and pushes beyond expectations. “I thrive in an interesting environment,” says Carrie, “I love the constant challenges.”