Chief Executive Officer, Founder

Celebrating perpetual renewal in every stage of life.

It’s a beautiful thing when someone is able to live out their calling, even more so when that purpose draws out the best in others. Kylee Simonson is one such individual. She has found her bliss in making others look and feel good. In her words, “The essence of our brand promise, Experience Perpetual Renewal, is illustrated by the uninterrupted spiral icon; no beginning-no end.”

Since 1983, she has fostered an environment where continuous improvement, open communication, and innovation have become the cornerstone of a highly successful business model and a fiercely loyal and talented staff who push the limits of their potential skyward every day. In her own words, “The most rewarding aspect of being a business owner is the joy of nurturing your team to achieve their fullest potential.”

Merging the business craft of the burgeoning day spa industry with a genuine commitment to people and quality has been daunting, yet the kind of task she was cut out for. The unparalleled Simonson’s experience is a product of Kylee’s years of hard work, personal sacrifice, and focus. Today, she is a recognized leader in her field as well as in the community at large.

As with every stage of her career, Kylee Simonson continues to embrace new opportunities. She revels in the thrill of discovering it, loving it and living it! In recent years, that passion was focused on the purchase and redevelopment of real estate for the express purpose of relocating all three locations from their uninspiring rental sites; Maple Grove in 2010, Plymouth in 2013 and Anoka to Coon Rapids in 2014. Owning a piece of the rock from the ground up is a metaphor that reflects her personal vision of experiencing perpetual renewal. While making the most of her experience, she embraces the future with contagious optimism. “There’s something to celebrate and be grateful for everyday!”