Prevent hair breakage


Hair breakage is a dilemma that allows me to speak from personal experience. Hair usually breaks because it is dry. Too much color processing – especially with bleach – or excessive use of hair binders and clips can also cause breakage. Your hair is always growing, so if you notice that your ends don’t seem to ever get longer, you’re probably experiencing hair breakage. The following recommendations from our expert stylists have all worked for me in preventing hair breakage and mending hair that has been broken over and over again due to coloring and styling.

1)      Keep your hair moisturized

                    i.      Use moisturizing shampoo and conditioner

                                      -UNITE Moisturizing

                                      -LOGICS Age Revitalize Nutrient Radiance

                     ii.      Perform a weekly deep conditioning treatment

                                       -UNITE Stronga Treatment

                                       -UNITE Softa Treatment

                                       -LOGICS Color Vitalizing Treatment Masque

                     iii.      Apply leave-in conditioner to wet hair after washing

                                        -UNITE 7Seconds Leave-In Conditioner

                                        -LOGICS Leave-In Conditioner

2)      Use a thermal protector to protect weak spots in hair and prevent them from forming

                     iv.      GHD Thermal Spray

3)      Get your hair cut every 4 to 6 weeks

4)      Don’t overheat, backcomb or overwork your hair

                    v.    If you flat iron, don’t re-flat iron areas that are already straight

The key to preventing and mending hair breakage is to moisturize and protect your hair. Oh, and try not to make it work so hard. Work with your hair (not against it) to get the style you want while maintaining hair’s health.

Expertise Contributors:

-Kaci M., Anoka Stylist

-Amanda A., Anoka Stylist

-Kelley S., Anoka Stylist