Q: How important is it to use an eye cream in my daily facial care regimen?

A: As women, your choices of quality beauty products are endless.  However it’s important to know that all cosmetics, as well as dermatological products, are not created equal. What is best for you will be determined by your individual situation; age, lifestyle, present conditions and the goals you have for your skin. An aesthetician can offer solutions to your beauty issues and help you prioritize which beauty products will deliver the best results for your individual situation.

First off, start by looking at your current lifestyle. Stress, smoking, dehydration, lack of sleep, sun, pollution exposure, poor diet, and improper products will show up as wrinkles in the skin, particularly in the eye area. This is where dark circles around the eye and puffiness begin to identify ones age.

While lifestyle changes aren’t always easy to implement, there are some highly effective eye creams on the market that can combat this worrisome problem. The eyes are one of the first facial features that catches other people’s attention … so you want your eyes to look vibrant and youthful.  It’s no surprise that the skin around the eye area is composed of delicate tissues that requires extra special attention.  The more consistent you are with an eye cream, the more you can manage an ageless look. Consider giving SkinCeuticals EYE CREAM a try. This firming treatment for combating skin damage and puffiness around the eye area creates a smoothing effect thanks to the wonders of gorgonian extract. With its other anti-aging ingredients, SkinCeuticals EYE CREAM will make the skin around your eye area noticeably more youthful looking.

Using SkinCeuticals Eye Cream twice daily will give you bright, “how old is she?” eyes. Applying eye cream prior to foundation will help to deliver a smooth, flawless finish that prevents make up from settling into fine lines – making them appear more pronounced.  For best results, SkinCeuticals eye cream can be complemented by SkinCeuticals nutrient-rich Eye Balm.

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