Q: I am a full-time employee and a full-time mom. How can I take care of my skin and prevent (even more) wrinkles while on the run?

A: Funny you should mention you work full time… believe it or not, you can combat wrinkles 40 hours a week, while you’re at work – talk about working double-time! Here’s how:

  • If your skin hasn’t met sunscreen yet, it is about time you introduce them to each other. Use SPF 30 everyday, rain or shine. It will be your new best friend. Keep in mind, fluorescent lights are common in many offices and they emit harmful ultra violet rays.
  • Every office has a water cooler, drink it! Drinking filtered water will keep you and your skin from being dehydrated. Water = fresh, moist, youthful skin.
  • Get a boost: eat a fresh piece of fruit for an antioxidant boost during those long afternoon hours.
  • Keep a moisturizer at your desk or in your purse. Apply to your hands as needed when your skin starts to feel dry. (Keeping your hands moisturized will also stave off those wicked paper cuts.)
  • Remember to sit up straight and keep your hands away from your face. Any time you rest your head on your hand, you’re increasing your chances of facial creasing over time. (Not to mention, slouching is bad for your posture anyways, but you already knew that.)

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