Q: I plan on spending a lot of time on the water this summer. What are some cute/easy hair styles that will hold up to the wind/water?

A: You’re in luck! There are many ways to achieve a fun, low maintenance hairstyle perfect for spending the day on the lake or at the pool…

Braids are all the rage!
Braids are the hottest new trend and a great way to keep hair tamed, while still looking ultra chic. For shorter hair, try a braid along your hairline. It’s an easy way to hide bangs, and keep hair out of your face. If you’re still struggling to get the hang of braiding your own hair, just take two strands and twist them together, simply seal it with a bobby pin – you’ll be styled in under a minute. For longer hair try a loose braid down the side. Not only will a braid keep your hair away, but it will create a wavy texture if you decide to take it out. For UV protection for your color and High Humidity resistance, finish with KM Session Spray.

Get more braid inspiration here: http://www.iknowhair.com/braids-home/

Wavy and Free
This is an easy look to accomplish, but you have to be willing to embrace the wind and enjoy the ease of the look. Apply a scrunching product to damp hair and scrunch up, then let it dry naturally. Our fav products to use are Moroccan Oil Curl Defining Cream and Kevin Murphy Motion Lotion because they work to avoid frizz from the humidity and encourage your curl. Your locks will have a soft, natural wave…perfect for a day at the beach!


Chic Bun
A top knot bun is an easy way to pull all of your hair back and keep your ends from dragging in the water. Just pile your hair on the very top of your head and secure it with bands and pins. This is so easy because the messier, the better. That is right, a messy bun! You don’t have to brush back your sides or anything just grab pieces at random and bring them back into a bun. It’s simple and quick!

Modish Ponytail
If all else fails and you just can’t handle all that the summer months bring, throw it up in a ponytail and put in a trendy headband. It’s the easiest “do” out there. Plus it keeps your hair out of your face a little better!

Whether you’re planning to dive into the water head first or just enjoy the warm breezes, remember that your hairstyle should reflect the essence of summer – hassle-free, pretty, a little bit messy and fun.

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