Q: I’ve been under a lot of stress lately and am in dire need of a massage! How do I pick which massage service is the best for me?

A: Times are stressful right now. We hear ya and we’re here for you! First off, all massages are excellent for relieving stress. Ask yourself what you are looking for and what results you want to see. A brief consultation will allow your massage therapist to understand your concerns and make a plan that will help you see the best results.

Many people find heat to be relaxing. If you’re a heat-seeker, you may want to try a hot stone massage or a Samunprai and Naplai service. During a hot stone massage, gently heated basalt and marble stones are placed on the body and used in the therapist’s hands to target and relieve muscular tension.

Our Samunprai and Naplai services use a heated herbal poultice that is applied to the body to penetrate and detoxify tight muscles. However, if you’re trying to beat the heat, our more traditional Full Body and Intensive massages are also wonderful stress relievers.

Once you know what type of results you are looking for and communicate that with your massage therapist, we can ensure that you’ll feel your stress melt away in no time.

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