'Top-of-your-game' good looks get you noticed.

Beard/Mustache Trim

from  $11  (15 min) 

Men's Haircut

from  $24  (30 min) 

includes hot towel therapy


Camo Gray Camouflage Color

from  $35  (30 min) 

with a haircut

  $25  (15 min) 


from  $70  (1 hour) 


Wax unwanted hair from brows, ears, nostrils, back and chest.

Brow Detail

from  $10  (15 min) 

Ear Detail

from  $10  (15 min) 

Nostril Detail

from  $10  (15 min) 

B.E.N. Detail

from  $25  (30 min) 

Brows, Ears and Nostrils


Back or Chest

from  $70  (45 min) 

Therapeutic Massage

Get rubbed the right way. Buy 4, Get 1 Free with Series Purchase.

Hot Stone Treatment

from  $110   

Relxation 50 (Full Body)

from  $70*  (50 min) 

Relaxation 80 (Intensive)

from  $100*  (80 min) 

Deep Tissue 50 (Deep Tissue)

from  $80*  (50 min) 

Deep Tissue 80 (Advanced Deep Tissue)

from  $125*  (80 min) 

Specific Need

from  $45*  (20 min) 

Partial Hot Stone

add  $20*   

Feet Treat

add  $15   

buff & intense hydrating treatment with moroccanoil products


XY Detail

Hand, foot and face treatments put the final touch on your chassis.

XY Hand Detail

from  $23  (30 min) 

XY Foot Detail

from  $40  (30 min) 

XY Face Detail

from  $40  (30 min) 

6-Pack Play Spa

Work hard, play spa. The definitive mancave alternative.

6-Pack Play Spa

only  $218*  (3 hours) 



XY Hand Detail


XY Foot Detail


XY Face Detail


Relaxation 50 Massage (Full Body)*


Spa Gift


*Plus tax on massage services. Not eligible for substitutions or discounts. Day Spa packages that include massage services are for guests 16 and older. Guests 16 and 17 years of age may receive body services scheduled with a same sex therapist. Prices subject to change.

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