Soothe and prevent neck, shoulder and back pain


How often you get massages depends on what is going on in your life and how you manage your stress. Massage is designed to heal the mind, body and spirit. At Simonson’s, the massage rooms are quiet with heated tables and dimmed lighting. A massage is most beneficial when you can be calm and peaceful before and after. It helps to not be rushing to your massage appointment so as to give yourself time to sit and relax before your session.

Receiving regular massage (at least once a month) will prevent the worst of the pain and tension and soothe the tightness in your muscles. But massage isn’t the only solution to soothing and preventing pain. Relaxation techniques like deep breathing, stretching, baths, yoga and meditation are helpful. Topical pain relieving gel like Biofreeze or Sore No More will also help address problem areas and prevent chronic muscle tension. 

Making an effort to improve posture is also beneficial. At the office, pay attention to your posture. Make sure you are maintaining the natural curvature of your low back (by using a lumbar support cushion, for instance). Make an effort to get up and move around every 15-20 minutes.

All of these things will help keep your back in great shape!

Expertise Contributors:

-Rita, Plymouth Massage Therapist

-Jen, Plymouth Massage Therapist

-Jodi, Massage Educator & Anoka Massage Therapist