Spring Break 101

Spring Break 101 Guide


It’s about that time of year when dreams of beaches and warmer locations become reality – Spring Break! Whether it’s from school or work, we all need a break from the cold. As you start packing, you have to be strategic and efficient with the products you bring. You want to look your best, but the travel stress can take a toll on your hair and skin if you don’t plan ahead and pack carefully. We found some essentials to help you to look gorgeous and feel your best no matter where you are traveling.



Skincare Essentials

Nothing is harder on your skin than the change in environment, diet, sleep, and all the other things that come with travel. So how do we keep the skin healthy, hydrated, and protected from the new environment with minimal effort? Pack these product superstars in travel-friendly sizes from our science backed brand, Rhonda Allison.


Take off the day with the right cleanser. Whether you spent the day in the sun, or had a fun night out, the right cleanser is key for clear, glowing skin. Find the right cleanser for your skin type below.


A good serum can make almost an instant difference in your skin. The Antiox 18 Complex is the secret to protected, glowy skin during travel. This serum features 18 powerful antioxidants that work together to firm, tone, and protect skin against free-radicals and air pollution. This serum is a skin-savior when it comes to protecting skin from all the pollution you encounter, whether on the plane or at the beach.


You want to keep skin looking hydrated and fresh throughout the trip. Omega Hydration is a moisturizer designed to repair, soothe, and hydrate. This is a skincare staple, using Omegas 3, 6, and 9, Vitamin E, and Lavender and Geranium Essential oils to reduce inflammation and deliver hydration for glowing skin wherever you are.

** Pro Tip This moisturizer has a thicker formula, and can be mixed with the Antiox 18 Complex serum to create a thinner formula for more oil-prone skin


Sun Protection

No matter where you travel, sunscreen is key for protecting your skin from damaging sun exposure. The Glo Tinted Primer is a skincare-makeup hybrid that protects your skin with SPF 30+ and works to evens out your skin tone. This skin tint is perfect for evening-out texture, or providing a silky base to a flawless foundation look. This product is formulated with clean ingredients, and is suitable for all skin types including sensitive and acne-prone skin.


Hair Management

Skip the complimentary hotel haircare products. Bringing travel-sized haircare products is important for maintaining color and strength.  With humidity, hard water, and less tools to work with, it can be hard to get that perfect blowout. However, we have some fantastic travel-sized products from Color Wow that are game changers when it comes to maintaining glossy, luxe hair.


The Color Security Shampoo  and Color Security Conditioner is a perfect duo to maintain hydrated, healthy hair. These versatile products work to clean your scalp and protect your hair from the environment. Keep your hair fresh, strong, and glossy with this travel-sized duo.


The Dream Coat Supernatural Spray works to reduce frizz and gives your hair a glossy, ultra smooth look. It waterproofs your hair to prevent humidity from creating that unwanted frizz that may come with travel and new environments. Doubling as heat protectant, this spray works on any hair type and leaves you with a glossy, beautiful look.


When it’s time for a refresh, you’ll want to reach for the Mini Money Masque. Fight damage and dryness with this versatile hair mask. Formulated to strengthen, repair, and renew hair, this product works on all hair types. This masque is perfect for repairing damage from hard water, chlorine, and other environmental stressors that you encounter during travel.

Whether you are traveling for a weekend, or a week, these travel essentials will keep your skin and hair healthy so you can look and feel your best! Stop by one of our locations today to explore our collection of travel-essentials or get recommendations by our talented team!


** Extra Credit Hair Extension tip: Be aware of your hair sunscreen – it can discolor extensions and turn them orange! Avoid products containing these ingredients: Avobenzone (butyl methoxydibenzoylmethane) and Octocrylene.