Spring Color Inspiration

Ahhhh, Springtime! As Minnesotan’s, we’ve been longing for this extra-pep-in-your-step, driving-with-the-windows-down, patio-season type of weather for months! Making it to Spring almost feels like a rite of passage – that feeling we’ve conquered something BIG. #minnesotaproud

What better way to celebrate a victory than with our wardrobe? Spring colors, rejoice! But before you take the shopping mall by storm, peek our top picks for eye-catching hues that’ll keep you right on trend – and feeling like a fashionista champ.

coral makeup    coral sweatshirt

Living Coral

If you pick only one color to newly incorporate into your existing Spring attire, this is it! Bright and full of life, coral is a universally flattering shade for all skin tones. Wearing coral colored garments suited to your skin tone will bring out the natural warmth in your skin, giving you that coveted “glow”.

Tried it before but didn’t work for you? Since coral comes in many variations, it’s possible you selected the wrong hue for your skin. Those of us with cool-toned, fair skin, should opt for a more delicate pink-coral tint. Have a warmer, olive-based or darker skin tone? You can step to the vibrant side of coral with notes of red-pink and orange.

Still can’t decide which hue best suits you? Grab a new handbag. It won’t be close enough to your face to matter either way.

Pair your coral attire with gold jewelry or footwear to really enhance its warmth. Beachy dreams await!

pepperstem camo    pepperstem earring

Pepper Stem

Nothing says Springtime like green. Green grass, budding trees, emerging tulips –  it’s the time of year to celebrate new life around us! So… how do you wear it?

Green may not be the first color you are drawn to on-the-rack. Trust us, give Pepper Stem a chance. Though somewhat zesty in color it’s a great staple to have in the closet. Try a jacket! Skip the black-raincoat or tan-trench this year and freshen up your look with Pepper Stem.

Because green is a lush, natural color found in nature it does really well as a versatile color choice. Translation: just about everything in your closet will go with it. Sold!

Not in the market for a new spring coat or blazer? Try some funky earrings. Less commitment, total impact.

princess blue shirt    princess blue bag

Princess Blue

Majestic in name and in hue, Princess blue is our most lavish choice for Spring. This color transcends the test of time. Royalty such as Princess Diana and Duchesses Kate and Meghan continue to keep this color in the spotlight. And for good reason – it’s stunning!

If you have a special event coming up (think wedding, birthday, fundraiser, girls night out) – totally go for this color in a dress. Hands down you will look remarkable, and oh-so-chic.

If you’re not walking a red-carpet anytime soon, anyone can still be in vogue wearing Princess Blue. One of our favorite ways to wear this color is in a pair of pants or shorts. Style it classic with a crisp white shirt, or test your funk-ability and rock yellow on top!

Guilty of defaulting to black year-round? Good news: black works perfectly with this shade of blue. You might just find it easier to wear a bold color on the bottom while not fully departing from your staples. Try it out!


Want More Spring Color Inspo?

Check out Simonson’s boutique (Coon Rapids, Maple Grove, Plymouth) for unique, up-to-date clothing and accessories or watch our Spring Blooms session that was on Twin Cities Live!

Spring fashion is all about discovering what makes you feel great. Have fun, feel fabulous!