Stretches to help reduce shoulder tension


One area to make sure to stretch is your pectoral, or chest, muscles.  Upper back tension is made worse by bad posture. When your shoulders hunch forward, your pecs are constantly getting shortened and your upper back muscles are constantly getting stretched out. Encouraging your pecs to lengthen will help balance your front and back muscles, leading to better posture and (hopefully) less tension in both areas.

 One easy way to stretch the pecs is to stand in an open door frame with one hand on each side of the frame and your arms at a 90-degree angle with your hands pointing upward. Lean forward into the doorway to stretch your chest. Picture your whole chest opening up.

 You can also try having someone push down on one shoulder while tipping your head to the opposite shoulder.

 At your next massage, ask your massage therapist to demonstrate beneficial stretches for you.

 Expertise Contributors:

-Jodi, Massage Educator & Anoka Massage Therapist

-Katelyn, Anoka Massage Therapist

-Rita, Plymouth Massage Therapist

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