What the heck is a KABUKI? And why do I need one you may ask?


KABUKI; noun, Traditional Japanese DRAMA performed by singing or dancing.

Simonson’s has the KABUKI and the DRAMA (not singing and dancing) for your hair! Our version of the Kabuki is for adding shine to your hair, without adding shine everywhere else. Simply spray the brush and brush the shine where you want it. No more wasteful overspray of shine product! The Kabuki works along with all the rage of new dry shampoos as well. Just spray the brush and work the product in where you need it!

We carry the brush in two sizes because it has other cool uses too. The smaller brush works well with mineral makeup application while the larger brush is a great duster for body powders. To all our professional partners, the large Kabuki is a great tool for sweeping away hair from the client’s neck and ears after a haircut too! Clean as you would any makeup brush, and as an added extra, the KABUKI is pretty and looks great on your makeup counter! Enjoy the Kabuki Drama!

3S Celebrity Blogger:

Diane C. – Buyer & Merchandiser