What’s with ingrown hairs after a bikini wax?


You tend to get fewer ingrown hairs from waxing than you would from shaving. However, since waxed hair has to re-grow completely, chances are your skin will grow faster and may cover the follicle with a thin ceiling. When the hair grows it hits this ceiling and bends to grow inwards, causing that annoying red bump. Not every person’s skin reacts this way. People with thick, strong hair are more prone to ingrown hairs.

 There are things you can do to minimize the occurrence of ingrown hairs. In the shower, use a gentle scrub or loofah on your waxed area to keep the follicles open. After showering, apply a gentle exfoliating solution like Tend Skin to the bikini area – or any area of the skin that has been waxed – to speed healing and treat and prevent ingrown hairs. Tend Skin is available at Simonson’s and has a salicylic acid solution to keep follicles open.

 These tips will help you have even happier waxing experiences in the future. What? You didn’t know waxing should be a happy experience? Well, now you’ll never forget it. We do everything we can to make it as pleasant an experience as possible while you’re at Simonson’s and after you leave.

 Expertise Contributors:

-Cindy S., Plymouth Aesthetician

-Jenna C., Anoka Aesthetician