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Natural Deodorants | WAY OF WILL

Natural Deodorants | WAY OF WILL

$12.74 - $14

Finally, an all-natural deodorant that delivers real results. Our deodorant sprays consist of 100% pure essential oils that help to effectively neutralize unpleasant odors for unrefined freshness no matter how hectic your day gets. Each special blend is formulated with the perfect combination of odor-combatting oils that refreshes, invigorates, and energizes your skin even after the most intense training session or workout.

Natural Deodorant Spray | Just a spray or two is all you need to keep moving with confidence all day long. Fragrances include Peppermint & Lavendar or Bergamot & Elemi.

Natural Deodorant Stick | Keep your skin fresh and clean the natural way. Fragrances include Vanilla & Mint or Tea Tree & Pumpkin.


  • When you first switch you may notice increased sweating. Sweating is good for your body, so do not be alarmed if this happens. Natural deodorants will not stop you from sweating, like conventional deodorants that include harmful aluminum salts or toxins, but instead, ensure that you smell fresh and feel good! After a few days or weeks, your body will rid itself of the harmful blockages from conventional deodorants and return to normal sweat levels.
  • Natural deodorant protects rather than masks smells and odors. Once it kicks in, natural deodorant will foster healthy underarms and reduce your body’s odor naturally.
  • You will notice less underarm irritation due to the natural, soothing ingredients.
  • The feel & texture might surprise you. The natural beeswax may feel a bit like chapstick when applying, so we recommend applying a few gentle strokes of the deodorant under your arm so that your body temperature softens the blend. Otherwise, you might lightly dampen your underarms for a smoother glide. The texture of your deodorant may change with the temperature as well due to the natural ingredients. We recommend storing your natural deodorants at room temperature.
  • No more yellow stains on clothing! Without the traditional aluminum ingredients found in conventional deodorants, you can kiss those yellow stains goodbye! However, you may notice the beeswax leaving a small residue on your clothes. To minimize this, we recommend applying a thin layer or waiting a few moments before putting on clothes.