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$46 - $88

New skincare from Environ! The Alpha Hydroxy Night Cream works to exfoliate and soften skin, while the Anti-Pollution Mist soothes and hydrates throughout the day. We also have the full AVST Moisturiser line! This line is designed to introduce essential Vitamin A and C to your skin at the right levels to give you maximum benefits.

  • Environ Alpha Hydroxy Night Cream (50ml – $68)
  • Complete Anti-Pollution Spritz (50ml – $46)
  • Full Vita-Antioxidant AVST Moisturiser line now available

Environ Alpha Hydroxy Night Cream (50ml – $68)

Glycolic Acid and Aplpha Hydroxy are the heros in this renewing night cream. They work to naturally exfoliate the skin and balance the pH to improve skin texture. Get smoother, softer skin with this mildly exfoliating night cream.

Complete Anti-Pollution Spritz (50ml – $46)

Calm, rebalance, and strengthen skin against harmful pollution! This fragrance-free spritz helps protect your skin against pollution damage while rebalancing your skin microbiome to create less inflamed skin. This skin spritz is the perfect mid-day refresh for all skin types: especially sensitive or irritated.

Full Vita-Antioxidant AVST Moisturiser line now available!

The Skin EssentiA Vitamin A step-up system was created to enhance the overall appearance of skin with concentrations of Vitamin A and Vitamin C formulated for your skin. Each level contains a different concentration of Vitamin A and C, gradually increasing the concentration in a way that helps skin receive maximum benefits without irritation. Your aesthetician can help you choose the right level for your skin, to receive maximum benefits! Reverse and prevent aging with a healthy dose of essential vitamins.