Beauty Secrets While You Sleep

beauty secrets while you sleep - how to wake up with healthy skin


We all know that sleep deprivation can cause weakened immunity, weight gain, reduced cognition or focus and tons of other health problems, but did you know HOW you sleep can also affect your hair and skin health and quality too?


Everyone tosses and turns when they sleep, but this tossing and turning on pillowcases and blankets can snag your hair leading to matting, tangles and even breakage (i.e. the dreaded bedhead!). When you change out your cotton pillowcase to satin, your hair can easily glide off the satin, reducing damage and breakage while eliminating frizz and keeping your gorgeous locks healthy.


BONUS! Sleeping on a satin pillowcase saves your skin too! Satin pillowcase reduces friction on your skin that can cause irritation and wrinkles to appear. Satin doesn’t retain your sweat, makeup or dead skin cells like cotton pillowcases, so you’ll also see a reduction in breakouts!



Your skin naturally renews itself at double the speed every night when you sleep. Imagine how healthy your skin would be if you set aside a few minutes each night to do your nighttime skincare routine?! You will notice improved sleep, better skin and an overall healthier well-being. Here’s what a nighttime routine should include:

  • Wash Your Face – washing your face every night, even without applying any serums or creams, will allow your skin to repair itself.  This time you set aside for yourself each night will soon become a new habit and will trigger your body to begin to relax and unwind as soon as you begin to cleanse your face.
  • Skincare Routine – Wash your face then massage your nighttime serums, creams and moisturizers into your skin, you won’t only give your skin the hydration, antioxidants and nutrients it needs, but you’ll also see higher product penetration, detoxification and de-puffing of skin. You’ll also notice a reduction of inflammation, increased collagen production, muscle toning and blood flow, plus a much-needed reprieve from stress (because who doesn’t love a little massage).
    • How to Massage Your Products Onto Your Skin – Apply your serums, creams or moisturizers to your pointer and middle fingers, then use those two fingers to gently massage your skin in small circular motions. Start at your jaw and move towards your ears. Then continue from your chin up to your forehead, making a special note to gently tap under your eyes. Avoiding any pulling or tugging on the sensitive tissue under your eyes to see a decrease in crow’s feet and wrinkles. Continue by tapping outward along your brow line and inward towards the bridge of your nose. This motion increases blood flow and circulation to decrease puffiness and dark circles while reducing the chance for fine lines or wrinkles to appear.
  • SKIPPING THE SERUMS– For those who don’t use nighttime serums, creams or moisturizers or those wanting a break from their routine, opt instead for a Wrinkles Schminkles silicone patch. These patches are applied to clean and dry skin without ANY products applied and help to “iron” out wrinkles by ensuring your skin is smoothed and protected. With a range of options available including eyes, chest/decollate, forehead, hands, mouth and neck.


Would you love to see a decrease in wrinkles while you sleep? Grab yourself a Wrinkles Schminkles silicone patch. These patches use medical-grade silicone to decrease wrinkles by acting as an “iron” to smooth out and support your skin while you sleep. They are especially beneficial for chest wrinkles, smile lines or crows feet. They’re easy to apply to clean, dry skin by simply removing the silicone patch from the plastic layer and placing the patch adhesive side down on the desired area. Throughout the night, they work to create the perfect environment for moisture, increasing your blood flow, adding hydration and ultimately increasing collagen production!