Month: July 2010

Stretches to help reduce shoulder tension

  One area to make sure to stretch is your pectoral, or chest, muscles.  Upper back tension is made worse by bad posture. When your shoulders hunch forward, your pecs are constantly getting shortened and your upper back muscles are constantly getting stretched out. Encouraging your pecs to lengthen will help balance your front and… Read more »

Why nails peel and how do I treat or prevent it

  Nails peel due to lack of moisture. Use a nail strengthener specially formulated to treat peeling nails (Nail Envy). You should also use cuticle oil daily and massage it into the nail bed.  Expertise Contributors: -Jennifer L., Anoka Nail Technician -Tracey, Nail Educator & Plymouth Nail Technician -Mindy, Plymouth Nail Technician