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Haircuts, styling, and the right products work wonders to bring your hair to life, but sometimes we want a *little* something more. Enter hair extensions!

  • Concerned about fine or thinning hair? Extensions are the solution. Mini, partial, & full volume looks can be created without adding length.
  • Looking for a WOW factor? Partial to full length transformations are the answer! With up to 24″ in length, your insta-worthy hair is waiting.


  • Simonson’s uses extensions made with 100% cuticle intact Remy human hair, for a seamless look that’s almost completely undetectable.
  • Available in hundreds of colors, hair extensions match naturally with your own hair – rooted, balayaged, dimensional – the options to customize your look are endless!


  • Our certified hair extension experts will help you decide which application is best for your lifestyle & overall goals.
  • Extension hair can be styled and cared for like your natural hair.




Not ready to commit? Clip-in extensions are a great way for temporary volume! You can install these at home and remove at the end of day. Get instant results without the reapplication maintenance of traditional extensions. Our experts will color match you for the perfect blend.

  • What is daily care like?
    • Extensions require little extra care beyond the maintenance you give your own hair.
    • Your stylist will provide guidance on products safe for your extensions, washing and drying techniques, and what to avoid to prevent damage to the extensions.
  • How often do I need to come back in to have them re-applied?
    • Typical maintenance is 6-10 weeks.
    • Extensions grow out with your biological hair, and need to be removed and reapplied to keep your hair healthy & for a seamless look.
  • Can I reuse extensions?
    • If properly cared for, extension hair can be reused multiple times.
    • Make sure to follow care instructions from your stylist to prevent hair damage.
  • Will they look natural?
    • Yes, our hair extensions are made with 100% Remy human hair and come in a variety of different colors.
    • During your consultation, a stylist can match you with the right color for a seamless blend.
  • Can I remove them myself?
    • We would not recommend trying to remove extensions yourself.
    • Stylists are trained to remove extensions safely and without damage to your natural hair or the extensions. Removing them yourself could damage both extensions and natural hair.
  • What kind of products will I need?
    • You can use most professional salon hair care products for your extensions. Your stylist will guide you to the best product choices to maintain your investment, and strong, healthy hair!
    • Always be sure to use a heat protectant when styling to prevent heat damage.
    • Avoid using oil-based products around the scalp, which can break down the beads used on hand-tied extensions.
    • Also avoid sunscreens containing Avobenzone (butyl methoxydibenzoylmethane) and Octocrylene which can discolor or damage extensions.


Hair extensions don’t need to be complicated! Our stylists will walk you through the process and maintenance. Book a consultation today!

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Check out this before and after using only one box of hair extensions!

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