honestly blonde the truth behind instagram blondes

Content Creation: Krissa, Coon Rapid’s Stylist
Hair Color By: Katelyn, Coon Rapids Stylist

Krissa has seven pictures of her and her beautiful blonde hair. However, she is throwing open the doors with some truth about what you see in real life versus what you see on Instagram and what goes into both looks behind the scenes.


Since she was 15, Krissa has been coloring her hair dark. From nearly black, sometimes a softer brown, a few times even red. No matter what though, Krissa was always AT LEAST 5 levels, or shades, darker than her natural hair color.

Three years ago, Krissa made the decision to go lighter. She didn’t have an end goal or color in mind, but she did want lower maintenance hair.

How long did it take her to reach this beautiful color, healthy shine and her desired length?
Almost one thousand days. It has only been in the last SIX MONTHS that she was able to achieve this beautiful color and healthy length.



She committed herself to Olaplex, one of our favorite strengthening and reparative hair care systems, receives haircuts ALL the time, lightening services every eight (8) weeks and more patience than she cares to admit. But the beauty is undeniable.

That’s not all, Krissa admits to only washes her hair ONCE a week, utilizes our take-home Mailbu Mineral Removers once a month and has a very strong relationship with purple shampoos and conditioners. “It is a commitment and a TON of work,” says Krissa, “Not everyone can be this blonde. It takes time, commitment and money.”

Krissa is naturally very light, so she was able to reach these platinum levels without much compromise to her hair’s health or integrity.



Krissa and Katlyn, as well as MANY of our other Stylists, are approached by guests every day saying they want platinum blonde hair. But many guests may not know the truth behind what they see on Instagram, so here is Krissa’s ‘behind-the-scenes’ look at her hair.

Krissa Blonde Hair First Krissa Blonde Photo Natural Light Two

These images above are as close to her hair color, as it appears to the naked eye, as possible. Taken in natural light on a cell phone.

Krissa Blonde Hair Truths Indoor Lighting Krissa Instagram Blonde Indoor Lighting
Krissa Blonde Hair Indoor With Lighting Krissa Honest Blonde Photo

Different lighting situations can change your hair color. From natural light to shadows, flash on to even using a ring light. All of these photos are Krissa from around our salon. Notice the difference? It’s important to know how blondes look in different lighting. Sometimes you’re going to feel yellow, sometimes you’ll feel like a snow princess!

Krissa Platinum Blonde Minnesota

Looks gorgeous right? Well, we hate to break it to you but this photo is not real. Krissa’s hair is heavily edited, using a variety of editing apps on her phone, but it looks realistic, right?

Lastly, we want to remind you to be realistic. Be nice to your Stylist. Many of us have your (and your hairs) best interest in mind. If we say it’s not attainable, we aren’t trying to ruin your day. We want what’s best for you. How many photos like that have you seen like the last photo on Pinterest? Instagram? Krissa edited that photo to oblivion.


Make sure what you’re choosing for a hair goal isn’t an overly edited, fake picture. We are here to make your hair dreams come true and we will do what we can to get them to come true. Remember though, it is a journey full of yellow-orange hair weeks, lots of patience, trust, money and consistency to achieve beautiful, healthy blonde tresses.