How do I make my hair wavy curls instead of spiral curls?


There are a few different tactics for creating your desired wavy curls. Try some of the tips below. If you just can’t seem to nail down the exact curls you’re looking for and you need a little more guidance, come in for a free consultation and we will show you how to use the GHD iron to create the look on your own.

If your hair is naturally straight or wavy…
Tip 1: Try curling your hair with a bigger iron and using the iron horizontally. If you take bigger sections you will create a looser curl like a wave. Remember to use GHD thermal protector to ensure that your ends don’t get dried out when curling your hair!

Tip 2: First, apply a curl activator like AG Recoil or UNITE Boing. They are specially formulated to activate curl and add elasticity to the hair, causing natural curls to perk up. Take big sections of your hair and curl or wrap them around your fingers. To achieve the best results, finish styling your hair with a diffuser.

Tip 3: There is a great new texture wave we are doing here at Simonson’s that gives great bounce and movement without that “permed” look. Instead, the wrap is achieved with different tools and technique than is used in a traditional perm. It is minimal and has a beach-like look.

Tip 4: If you’re looking for a 1-2 day fix without chemically altering you hair, a flat iron is a fantastic tool! Use the GHD 1” Styler or another 1” ceramic iron with a beveled/curved edge. Holding the iron at the root or mid shaft, pull out at a 90 degree angle. How fast or slow you pull will determine the tightness of the curl. Think of pulling a shear through ribbon as if you were gift-wrapping – that is how it is done. It creates soft, celebrity like hair. Make an appointment for a color, haircut or blowout and we can teach you how to how to do it yourself!

Tip 5: For a looser curly look, you can use a smoothing product like UNITE Lazer Straight when blow drying. After hair is completely dry, take medium sections and wrap the hair around the barrel of a large curling iron. When complete, run your fingers through your hair to break up the curls as desired.

If your hair is naturally curly…
Tip 1: The Keratin treatment will help to soften and reduce your curl and frizz. It will also improve the look and feel of your hair.

Tip 2: If your hair is naturally curly, first use a relaxing fluid such as UNITE Lazer Straight and then blow dry on low speed. Be sure to use your fingers when separating the curls.

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