How to style hair at home the way your stylist does

You may hear the voices of your schoolteachers echoing in your ears when I say this, but all you have to do is pay attention. But our stylists don’t use chalkboards to get your attention. They also don’t have any chalk. But they do have mirrors to show you exactly the techniques and products to use to get the look you want when you’re styling your hair at home.

Our stylists are trained to discuss with you the hair products and styling techniques they use on your hair so you can go home and achieve the same style. They’ll share with you the reason for their product choice as well as instructions for how to use the product and the benefits that you’ll notice from using it.

The stylist will also talk through their motions, explaining how and why they are directing your hair a certain way as well as how to hold your brush and blow dryer or styling tool of choice. They’ll also share with you the best techniques for infusing volume, shine, curl, or whatever the style calls for.

As your stylist explains the techniques and products to you, watch closely in the mirror so you can remember how to do what they’re doing. Ask questions whenever you have them and communicate if you need more information or instruction. Our stylists want you to be happy with your hair. That’s why they do what they do. So by asking questions, you’re simply helping them help make you happy!

During every appointment, your stylist will demonstrate the products and techniques to achieve yet another style for your hair! So, you’ll continually have a variety of styling options, tools and techniques to use at home.

Using the right products is essential to achieving the style you want. Don’t forget to grab the recommended products before you walk out the door.

Expertise Contributors:

-Amanda A., Anoka Stylist

-Kelley S., Anoka Stylist

-Katelyn, Anoka Stylist