Maintenance Outside The Salon

maintenance outside the salon

Whether you are working from home, self-quarantining or just dismayed by the sudden closure of salons and spa’s – we see you!

With salons and spa’s services shut down throughout the state, the Simonson’s team has crafted a guide on how to maintain your hair, face, body and nails at-home.

Watercolors Shampoo Unite weekender Shampoo


STEP #1 – Daily product usage and environmental factors can wreak havoc on even the healthiest hair, so while you are at home or out and about, utilize UNITE WEEKENDER Shampoo to deep clean your locks. This clarifying shampoo provides a non-stripping, gentle cleansing to your strands without stripping your natural oils. Another great option is Kevin Murphy MAXI.WASH that delivers a much-needed detox to your strands. This shampoo removes the build-up of products and chemicals, while a soothing blend of essential oils brightens the hair and balances the scalp.

STEP #2 – Whatever you do, do NOT box dye your hair. Instead, pickup Watercolors Shampoo or Conditioners to keep your hair color looking vivid during this closure. There are shampoos and conditioners for redheads, brunettes, ash blondes, vivid hair colors and more! Watercolors help to deposit color back to your strands to eliminate fading and keep your color bright, intense and shiny!

STEP #3 – Outgrowth (aka roots) is inevitable when you can’t make it to your stylist’s chair. However, with StyleEdit Root Concealer, you can, temporarily cover up outgrowth in an instant…. extending the life of your color between salon visits with a pin-point applicator. StyleEdit Root Touch-Up is another great option as it’s ultra-light binding powder instantly blends unwanted grays and dark root to keep your tresses in perfect color condition between appointments. Both products available in black, blonde, auburn/red and brunette shades, that wash out easily with shampoo.


Snag your essential Dry Shampoo & Dry Conditioner to keep your hair fresh in-between washes. Our favorite Dry Shampoos are: Pulp Riot Berlin, Moroccanoil Dark or Light Tones and Kevin Murphy Fresh.Hair.

Another great option to keep your hair in great condition is to utilize your time at home to treat your tresses to a hair mask. We recommend Moroccanoil Hydrating Mask or Moroccanoil Weightless Mask.

Environ revival masquerhonda allison derma peel


Nicknamed the “facelift in a jar”, Environ’s Revival Masque helps to improve the appearance of your skin for a firmer, more hydrated, youthful appearance. This multi-tasking masque can be used as either a 10-20 minute or overnight treatment. It is recommended to start at 10 minutes, two times a week and gradually progress to 20 minutes, three times a week. Whereafter it may be applied every evening, after moisturizing.


  1. Pre-cleanse, cleanse and tone your face.
  2. Apply an even, thin layer with the brush provided on your skin and leave on for 10-20 minutes.
  3. To remove the masque, rinse with tepid water and apply moisturizer


  1. Pre-cleanse, cleanse, tone and moisturize your skin.
  2. Wait 20 minutes then using the brush provided, apply a thin, even layer of the masque and leave on overnight.
  3. To remove the mask in the morning, rinse with tepid water and follow your normal skincare routine.


Another key product to maintain your skin while at home is Rhonda Allison Derma Peel, which uses papaya and pineapple gel-based enzymes to liquefy and bond together to form a natural, non-abrasive, granular exfoliation.


  1. Cleanse skin, rinse and blot dry.
  2. Apply a small amount of Derma Peel evenly to your skin and massage in circular motions on your face and neck
  3. Continue applying the product for up to 10 minutes. The mixture will begin to ball up and lift away dead surface skin cells – this is normal!
  4. Rinse skin with warm water and a soft cloth, repeat a second rinse to ensure all mixture has been removed.
  5. You should use this product every 3-4 days.


As everyone is avoiding large crowds, many of us are turning to walks around our neighborhoods. Although the sun might not be outshining, your skin is still being affected by the sun’s rays and other environmental factors. Maintain your daily application of sunscreen with Rhonda Allision’s Daytime Defense Broad Spectrum SPF 30. This pure and clean formula is essential for your daily skincare regimen and provides antimicrobial, antioxidant, and soothing, healing support to your skin.

While you are at home, enjoy in a little skin pick me up & self-care by popping on a ToGoSpa Eye or Lip Mask for plumping, hydrating, detoxing or brightening results.


Many of you are probably wondering what you can do to keep having beautiful lashes now that you can’t get your lash extensions or lash lifts. Revitalash Advanced Eyelash Conditioner is an original, one-of-a-kind, Ophthalmologist-developed eyelash conditioner that enhances the look of lashes and protects against breakage, while improving health, flexibility and strength, for lashes that thrive, naturally. It also has a built-in curl effect to help your lashes curl upwards. Use once per day by applying to clean, dry lashes directly above the lash line. Can be used even if you have eyelash extensions now too!


Looking for fuller, more luxurious looking brows? Put down the tweezers and instead try RevitaBrow Advanced Eyebrow Conditioner & Serum. This eyebrow conditioner addresses the visible signs of eyebrow aging due to chemical and environmental stressors, over-plucking and styling products, leading to healthier-looking, more luxurious brows.

cbd daily cream


If your body is in desperate need of a massage, we suggest utilizing CBD Daily to help ease your aches and pains while we wait out this closure. Choose from a roll-on serum, cream or spray, we have a non-psychoactive and THC-free application that’s right for you. For those with chronic pain, CBD Daily Triple Strength is our most powerful CBD cream!



With all of the handwashing and hand sanitizer we are using, our hands and nails will see the brunt of the damage. CND RescueRXx and CND Solar Oil are great options to visibly repair your nails and cuticles. Solar Oil is an oil that offers intense therapy for dry, damaged cuticles. Repeated use helps to drive the oils deeper into the natural nail for results that get better over time. RescueRXx repairs damaged nails, reduces peeling and visibly reduces white spots.

Protect your hands with nourishing, vitamin-rich ingredients that deeply moisturizes. BeeSpa Hand & Foot Cream contains Vitamins E, A, and D – to soothe and repair dry, cracked hands (or feet). Another great benefit is the anti-aging properties the hydrates and helps maintain your skin’s elasticity.

lcn urea chapped skin creambaby foot peel


To keep your soles soft and smooth – Baby Foot Peel is the ‘pedicure-replacement’ you need. Utilizing 16 natural extracts to moisturize and exfoliate your feet to reveal smoother, softer, ‘baby-like’ skin.

For those in dire need of a healing treatment, urea is an active ingredient to help treat severe dryness, calluses, or thickened skin conditions. LCN Urea Chapped Skin Cream reduces calluses and thickened skin conditions without leaving an oily film. It’s nourishing beeswax and anti-inflammatory sage can help treat your tired tootsies. For a more targeted approach, LCN Urea Foot Balm is an easy-to-use, fast-absorbing balm to target callused areas of your feet.