Q: How do I tell my boyfriend he has a uni-brow?

A: It may seem like a sticky situation, but it really is not. Most men are probably not a fan of their uni-brow. The reason they may not have done anything about it is because they simply don’t know what to do about it. The grooming department is nothing new to you, so take the opportunity to help cue your guy in!

When you go to pluck a couple of your own hairs, casually offer to tweeze his brows for him. If he says “no way” tell him that waxing would be quicker and less painful (note that they can be shaped to give a masculine result).

If your man says he knows what waxing is all about, chances are that he really doesn’t know. Invite him along with you when you get your eyebrows waxed so he can see what it’s all about. We see many couples that come in together to Simonson’s to have their brows waxed.

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