Q: I don’t have the time to wash and style my hair every day. Is there an alternative to the time-consuming styling?

A: You must be talking about the dreaded hat or headband day… been there, done that! Have you ever heard about dry shampoos? They are the hottest and most loved asset in the beauty tool box. Dry shampoos allow anyone to have lovely locks, regardless if it has been one, two or even three days since you last washed your hair.

Dry shampoos break up oil and dirt delivering a fresh revitalized style to ‘day old hair’. It is a perfect item to have in your beauty arsenal to save time (along with wear and tear) on your hair. Your locks will be fresh and look polished with very little effort. Here are some prime examples of when using a dry shampoo is your best option:

• After a long day of work to refresh your look before an evening out
• After the gym (there’s never enough time to redo your hair)
• If you wear extensions
• If your hair is thick and time-consuming to style. Make a dry shampoo part of your weekly regimen. Shampoo every second or third day.

Dry shampoos are easy to use: lift hair at the roots and spray lightly through the hair. Repeat as necessary until you get the desired effect.

Keep one in your desk, car, gym bag and at the cabin – don’t forget to bring it on your trip….!

There are many different types of dry shampoos. Take a look at the dry shampoos Simonson’s has to offer, click here. Ask your stylist which would be best for your tresses needs.

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