Q: I have static all winter. How can I tame it?

A: This is the time of year that everyone experiences static due to the dryness in the air. Hair NEEDS moisture in order to look it’s best. A few simple modifications to your routine can help significantly. First, run a humidifier in your home to eliminate the dryness. Second,  wash with cooler water. Third, add a weekly deep moisturizing treatment to your routine and ALWAYS use a leave in conditioner. If your hair is very unruly, enhance your styling regimen with products designed for smoothing! Bouncy, perfectly moisturized, static-free hair!

There are several great treatment options in both Keratin and Moroccanoil professional product lines. The Keratin Vanilla Bean Conditioner or Keratin Infusion are good winter options that both give you extra moisture. The infusion can be used as a treatment AND a leave in conditioner. Moroccanoil has two different moisturizing treatments: Weightless Hydrating Mask (for fine hair) or Intense Hydrating Mask (for medium or curly hair). Both can be purchased for home use or offered as an instant pick-me-up treatment at Simonson’s.

If that isn’t enough information, try these quick tricks:

  • As you finish styling your hair use a very small amount of UNITE Creamy Paste over your style. To apply: Rub completely into palms until shiny. Gently skim the surface of your hair and static is gone!
  • To get rid of static or flyaways after the hair is dry, take an aerosol hairspray, lightly spray your hair and then gently roll the bottle over the tiny hairs sticking up. The hairs won’t stick to the bottle like they will to your hands. You can also achieve this same effect using a brush sprayed with hairspray.

Dry Air = Dry Hair.  With these small changes, simple tips and a little effort, your hair can continue to look amazing no matter what the weather is like outside. Good luck and stay warm!

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