Q: I want to try Shellac, but I currently have gel nails. How would the transition work for someone like me?

A: In your particular situation, you have two different ways to go about your transition.

One option is to slowly work off the gel nails by filing them until they eventually have been filed off. In the meantime, Shellac can be applied over your gel nails. This way you can keep the length of your (gel) nails.

Your second option would be to remove the gel nails entirely and start using Shellac. Really, it is up to you. Do you prefer to keep the length of your gel nails or not?

Keep in mind that after the removal of artificial nails, the nails are thin and more susceptible to breaks and splits. Shellac won’t be as durable as your gel nails but will improve the healthiness of your nails as they grow, improving their overall strength. Shellac offers instant protection and durable color options or a French polish look so you can be assured your nails will still look as beautiful on day 14 when you are ready for a reapplication. If you are still wary about removing your gels entirely, then we would suggest the first option, a slower progression.

FYI: The average amount of time to grow a new nail is 4 to 6 months. When used regularly, OPI’s Nail Envy, paired with Solar oil or Qtica cuticle balm will improve the strength and flexibility of your nails and improve the quality of the weakened nail during the grow out period.

You can always explain the situation when you book your next appointment. That way, we are sure to book enough time for your appointment and your nail technician is alerted ahead of time.

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