Q: What causes muscle pain and soreness during and after a massage?

A: With many of our lifestyles comes stress, tension and repetitive motion. Right now, you’re using your mouse and probably have been clicking away all day (if not at work, then you may have been on Facebook, looking at your friends’ pictures from the weekend).

Tension, stress, overuse, repetitive motion or a lack there of, and injury can all cause myofasical pain; pain and inflammation to soft tissues of the body. When left untreated, you become susceptible to even more pain. These muscle fibers can tighten so much that they begin to stick together, causing you to have bad body posture and in turn restricts the muscles’ normal range of motion. Trigger points (small nodules of muscle) may also form creating widespread pain.

Given the state and stress that most bodies are under, some discomfort during and after a massage is normal depending on what kind of massage you receive. A more therapeutic massage is needed to help correct many of the problems listed above. Be aware that applying pressure to an area that is already irritated is going to create pain. The level of pain that is experienced will depend on the condition of the muscle and how it is being manipulated during the massage.

If the pain is ever out of your comfort zone, tell your massage therapist and they can address the problem areas another time when you’re ready. Just remember, the sooner you are treated for your problem areas, the sooner your muscles will repair and pain will decrease.

Muscle soreness after a massage can be caused by the tight muscles having been stretched and realigned or muscle adhesions that have broken apart. Therapeutic inflammation can also be brought on by the friction of strokes during a massage. Soreness may last up to three days.

If you’re looking for a more relaxing, stress-relieving massage, try a Hot Stone Therapy Massage. Always explain what you’re looking to accomplish with your massage appointment and your massage therapist will tailor the massage to match your needs.

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