Q: What colors blend well with my gray hair?

A: That would depend on what your goal is. Are you trying to simply cover your gray hair? Do you want to blend and keep some of your gray hair as a highlight? Do you want to grow out your gray hair?

The most beautiful and polished gray coverage is not total coverage. This form allows one to have a lot of “shimmer” within a solid color.  The gray is NOT gray, but a lighter shade of the color used all over.

Some people have light/white grey while others have dark gray. If you are looking to blend in your gray hair, a general rule of thumb is to go slightly warmer and lighter than the overall appearance of your natural color. It blends better and grows out more gracefully. In addition, gray hair is so ‘icy’ and ‘drab’. As we age, our skin also looses color, so this is why a slightly warmer and lighter approach is best.

Picking the colors that are best for you will depend on how much gray you have, what is left of your natural color and how that looks with the gray, how often you want to maintain it, and the natural coloring of your skin tone. To find the colors that would best suit you, we recommend you come in for a free consultation! And bring pictures of colors you love, that will help your stylist determine what you find attractive and appealing.

If you are looking to grow out your gray hair, our stylists would recommend starting the process by lightening your all over base color. Your stylist can add blended highlights to help camouflage the gray which will minimize the outgrowth, but know, there is no easy way to grow out color, or to make ‘gray hair’.
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